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Five Ways to Care for your hair between appointments!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

You can care for your hair between salon appointments with some simple easy to do steps! The Adore Hair Care Salon can tell you how.

Step 1 - Keep your hair Hydrated!

Keeping your hair hydrated between appointments will give you that fresh just walked out of the salon look on a daily basis. Hair that's in good condition will look vibrant and smooth. Invest in some quality shampoo and conditioner. Hair expert staff can assist you on the best formula for your hair type.

Step 2 - Heat protect your hair!

Did you know that one of the worst things you can do to your hair is not heat protect it from the many different tools we use. Hairdryers, straighteners, heat curlers to name a few. Using the correct products when using these amazing tools, most of us now have at home, will ensure your hair is heat protected. Using a quality serum purchased from a knowledgeable technician is the best option.

Step 3 - Moisturising your hair!

Its one of the easiest ways to have that just left the salon look. Using a multipurpose moisturising foam for detangling and enhancing hair elasticity gives instant results. Using Revitafoam is one of the leading products which penetrates without being greasy and immediately tames hair. Using a moisturising product will give you no more frizzy and dry hair. This super easy step will keep your hair looking amazing.

Step 4 - have a go at dry shampoo!

Today you realise, "Oops I don't have time to wash my hair." Here is the solution to your problem. Simply spray some dry shampoo on the roots and abracadabra your good to go. It refreshes, tames and gives you back a healthy look in one simple spray. Biolage waterless clean and full dry is a scientifically formulated product that will give you instant results. You can now leave the house feeling clean with your hair flowing in desired airy movement. > Find out more from our Care & Products information

Step 5 - don't delay your next appointment!

You may think that not making regular salon appointments will be ok. Realistically though, its important to regularly visit a salon to treat your hair by a professional. This way your ends will always look sharp and your hair strands will be in the best health they can be. Doing all these above steps ensures your hair will be looking fantastic all year round and most importantly between salon appointments.

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